Internship Work:

Big Deal Music / And The Writer Is... 

fEB. 2018 - mAY 2018

*Featured banner on Apple Podcast is a representation (A) of a concept I created during my internship at Big Deal for the "And The Writer Is..." podcast series 
*Design & produce original layout for 'Wednesday Wisdom' videos 
*Produce merchandise photography
*Create promotional content for season 3
*Create And The Writer Is website landing photo 
*Transcribe episodes
*Pull fan engagement photos
*Administrative tasks

Calarts / Eyvind Kang 

Sept. 2016 - fEB. 2018

*Produce Eyvind Kang's Plainlight vinyl layout
*Produce Eyvind Kang & Jessika Kenney's
 Seva & Fixions cassette layout
*Produce Calarts concert posters 

Spirit Goth Records

Dec. 2016 - present

*Produce music videos for Spirit Goth Record groups
*Connecting Bands to Music Blogs 
*Scouting Venues & Festivals